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What to Bring to Tonquin Valley Lodge

Be Prepared for Any Weather

Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, so be prepared.

Clothing & Personal Gear for Your Pack Trip:

Bring a down jacket, hat, gloves, long johns, rain gear, rubber boots, sun glasses and insect repellent. Personal items should be included such as hand towel and soap, camera and film.

Any alcoholic beverages need to be put into plastic containers. NO GLASS.

Please pack your belongings into duffle bags so they can be easily loaded onto and carried by our pack horses. Fishing rods should be packed in protective tubes to avoid damage.

Packing Guidelines:


  • Sweater, gloves, & other warm clothing.
  • Rain Gear
  • Rubber Boots
  • Hat

Personal Camping Equipment

  • headlamp or flashlight
  • Hand Towel & Soap
  • Personal Articles(sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Personal Water Bottle
  • Fishing Gear (pack fishing rods in protective tubes)

Don't Forget Your Camera!

The scenery is breathtaking & constantly changing so you'll want to take loads of pictures.

  • Camera
  • Extra memory cards or film
  • Extra pre-charged batteries or a battery re-charger pack

Load Limits:

Load Limit 25 Pounds Per Rider

Each rider is allowed 25 lbs. of gear. If your gear will be more than 25 lbs., an additional charge of $4 per/lb. will apply.

For those riders who will have extra weight, we ask that you contact us in advance so we can ensure we have the proper number of pack horses ready for the morning of your departure.

Hikers' Baggage Transportation Service

Hikers baggage may be transported into the lodge for a $3 per/lb. charge. Transportation of gear must coincide with our scheduled horse trips.


Gratituities are customary and appreciated.

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