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Jasper National Park’s Tonquin Valley ranks among Canada’s top backpacking destinations for its expansive alpine meadows and imposing rock walls, particularly the Ramparts. In winter, covered in snow, it’s even more epic. It’s a daylong 23-km ski or snowshoe through forest and meadow to reach the rustic Tonquin Valley Backcountry Lodge, with the Ramparts dominating the view throughout. From there, the day-trip possibilities range from peaks to telemark slopes, long tours up the valley to open tree skiing, all backed by some of the most stellar scenery in the country.

Exploring Canada’s Spectacular National Parks. 1995.

“One night I watched from my cabin porch as lightening on the British Columbia
side of the Great Divide backlit the Ramparts with brilliant flashes.” (pg. 52)
” I had followed the trails a horse through nature’s galleries to one of
Jasper’s masterpieces, the Tonquin Valley.” ( pg. 52)

National Geographic Society

Outdoor Canada

Summer 1995.
” … the horses made it easy for all of us. They were gentle and friendly.” (pg. 44)

“No roads. No power lines. No pop bottles. We were in pristine high-country.” (pg. 44)

Canadian Horseman

Canadian Horseman. March/April 1997. Ride into Paradise. Vol.16, No.1
” Located in Jasper National Park, the valley is world famous for the Amethyst
Lakes and the Ramparts and has been a destination for hikers and pack trips
almost since its discovery.” ( pg. 52)
” The success of the camp is due to the attention to details.” (pg. 52)
” The first priority is to ensure a safe and comfortable ride to the camp at
the north end of the Amethyst Lakes.” (pg. 52)
” The recreational opportunities are certainly an attraction for those seeking
a holiday providing solitude and physical activity, but it’s the spectacular
scenery in the Tonquin that sets it apart from the rest. ( pg. 53)
” … furnished with log bunk beds, woodstoves and washstands, the cabins are
cozy and comfortable.” ( pg. 53)
” I’ll never forget this trip for my whole life.” ( pg. 54)

by Heather Berezowski

Trip Advisor

One of those special places in the world!!!!!

by Navigator446142

Little piece of heaven with fantastic food and company to boot!

by vista_10 – Sherwood Park, Alberta

a life changing experience

by wichdiva, Alberta

Most beautiful spot, great hosts

by DBR_11 – Edmonton, Alberta

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