Winter Adventure

Intermediate to Expert Skiers

Located 23 kilometres southwest of Jasper, Alberta, at an elevation of 6500 feet, lies the beautiful Tonquin Valley.

The Ski trip into the Tonquin Valley is a gradual climb of 23 kilometres and offers intermediate to expert skiers the chance to experience one of Canada’s most magnificent views. Once in the valley, guests have the opportunity to explore a variety of trails in the surrounding area, each of which has spectacular scenery and provides for exciting skiing.

Luxurious Comfort After a Day of Skiing

Awaiting guests at the end of an exhilarating day is the warmth of a wood-burning fire in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. What could be more inviting than the smell of a hearty home-cooked meal and the freshly baked goodies to come?

After dinner, guests may gather to socialize around the fireplace or choose simply to retire to their cabin for the evening.

Cabins are complete with bunk-beds, warm blankets, wood-burning stoves, coal-oil lanterns, washbasins, and a breathtaking view of the Ramparts.

We invite you to come and discover an adventure in cross-country skiing – true mountain wilderness with a touch of rustic luxury in the Tonquin Valley.


Our trail head is at the Portal Creek parking lot on the Marmot Basin Road. The easy access is in the Northwest side of Portal Creek. Intermediate access is at the end of the parking lot.

Head up on the trail beside Portal Creek. Just before you reach Circus Creek bridge, the trail drops down onto Portal Creek. If you get to the bridge over Circus Creek, do not continue on this trail. Drop down onto Portal Creek!

At the height of land, you will be heading West. Watch for the marker in the low part of the pass. This can be seen from afar. Head for the marker. Here you will be able to see the second marker. Ski down the hill along Maccarib Creek.

When in the Maccarib Valley head for the low shoulder of Mt. Clithroe at the West end of the valley on the left. You will be able to see the bear poles on the right side of Maccarib Creek when you get to the end of the valley. Ski around the shoulder of Mt. Clithroe on the flats, left side of Maccarib Creek. Go through the trees in a Southwest direction to the North shore of Amethyst Lake. Ski along the North shore of the lake. The Lodge is on your right in the trees. You can see it from the lakeshore.

You might see ski tracks branching off going along the East shore of Amethyst Lake as people sometimes make a loop …

GPS Coordinates

Use The Following Coordinates In Your GPS Device:

Tonquin Lodge

N52° 42.911′ W118° 17.271′

MacCarib Pass

N52° 43.150′ W118° 11.287′


N52° 44.026′ W118° 09.544′

Start of Trail – Portal Creek Parking Lot

N52° 46.877′ W118° 04.583′


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